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I#Christmasmiracle. Jesus walked in to grab an espresso and chat about weekend box office. #onlyinLA #blessed 🙂

8:56am Dec 20 2015 —

Sunday SB party = creepy paparazzi climbing the fence to take pics :-/ but also raised thousands for charity. #yay #OnlyInLA

4:04am Feb 6 2014 —

#OnlyInLA Enjoying my beautiful morning hike when suddenly passed by a gaggle of peeps on Segways. Really.

5:46am Jan 29 2013 —

October just turned spooky. I spy #DEXTER at Petco. #OnlyInLA #HalloweeninLA

6:02am Oct 17 2012 —

At the vet. Watching a woman drop off her dog IN A LIMO. #onlyinLA

2:25am Sep 5 2012 —