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RT @BitchofRome: Nowhere mouths are chattering happy b-day to @Yo_AdrienneW #AdrienneWilkinsonDay

3:50pm Sep 12 2016 —

RT @BitchofRome: Lexxa’s soul is as unconquerable as the birthday girl’s @Yo_AdrienneW @RenegadesSeries #AdrienneWi…

3:38pm Sep 12 2016 —

RT @BitchofRome: Wishing happy b-day to the ORIGINAL Bitch of Rome, @Yo_AdrienneW #AdrienneWilkinsonDay

3:20pm Sep 12 2016 —

RT @BitchofRome: Livia Has Attitude, so you better wish @Yo_AdrienneW happy birthday! #AdrienneWilkinsonDay

12:45pm Sep 2 2016 —

RT @BitchofRome: Use the Force and wish @Yo_AdrienneW a happy b-day! #AdrienneWilkinsonDay

8:05am Sep 2 2016 —