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Hello there 2019. Let’s play. Pic by @writertbradley

6:56am Dec 31 2018 —

RT @RumiLoveQuotes: Who gets up early to discover the moment light begins. Who finds us here circling, bewitched, like atoms?

9:39pm Dec 29 2018 —

RT @BitchofRome: How AWESOME was @Yo_AdrienneW as Daughter?

11:47am Dec 29 2018 —

RT @DalaiLama: All things originate in the mind. Actions and events depend heavily on motivation. Appreciation of humanity, compassion and…

6:52am Dec 29 2018 —

Flashback to playing Carol Anderson in #Refections directed by @safehousefilms pictured w/ Ana Harrison

6:51am Dec 29 2018 —