Tweet Archive for January 2018

One of my fav’s. Pic by IMW photography. Makeup and hair by Tracey Henton. Digital tweaking by CarpeChakram ❤️

6:37pm Jan 31 2018 —

Another ep to make your ears happy. Checkout @BlueHours on iTunes. #kittydivine

4:06pm Jan 28 2018 —

Sports Illustrated: Sunburn Edition. AKA just wandering the desert for days after being dragged by a horse. AKA jus……

3:58am Jan 27 2018 —

“Come to me, my pretties.” Still by @chrisloomisfoto Makeup by @AllyDoesMkup #Oz #postapocalyptic #vintage

6:30am Jan 26 2018 —

Resting warrior. ❤️

5:33am Jan 23 2018 —