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RT @piko1_bg: Arrr #IAmARenegade cause Renegade is ST pirate plus lets face it @Yo_AdrienneW is the best captain u can have…

1:39am Sep 30 2015 —

@jumblejim but if you say it really quickly, it sounds like ‘orange’. 🙂

in reply to jumblejim — 1:00pm Sep 29 2015 —

In school, I fell in love w/ art & literature & the power of discovery #62MillionGirls don’t have that chance @flotus

12:16pm Sep 29 2015 —

Hi all, I just joined instagram. Posting groovy things, there too.Thx for joining & sharing!

11:00am Sep 29 2015 —

Thanks. Its from SIDETRACKED. New series. Here’s a glimpse of it:…

2:16am Sep 29 2015 —