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RT @langston_poems: Make of my past a road to the light
Out of the darkness, the ignorance, the night.

4:11pm Mar 31 2015 —

RT @BlueHours: Would be excited about ‘Nobility’ for its amazing cast alone- congrats to our SUSPENSE mates!… http:/…

4:07pm Mar 31 2015 —

This dude thinks he owns the joint.

8:10am Mar 31 2015 —

Thank you to a few peeps who brought some inspiration to this week @Casanvar @EllenDubinActor @CMSM @coconerdgirl @jleefilm @ttaraturk

6:30pm Mar 30 2015 —

RT @XenaMovieFans: Xena raised the next-gen Captain of the fleet –> @Yo_AdrienneW

Star Trek: Renegades Official Teaser 2:…

6:21pm Mar 30 2015 —