Tweet Archive for April 2012

5:26am Apr 29 2012 —

RT @FamousWomen: Devote today to something so daring even you can’t believe you’re doing it. -Oprah

2:51am Apr 29 2012 —

So….what trouble are we getting into this weekend lovelies?? Send me invites, my dance card has a couple open spaces.

10:31am Apr 28 2012 —

RT @GoodniteBurbank: Tonight’s the night we screen at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival – so if you’re in LA we want to see you there!! …

3:03am Apr 28 2012 —

RT @JamesPMorrison: Those who do not listen have no appeal. Looks, talent and brains mean nothing without it. Love does not exist withou …

3:05am Apr 27 2012 —