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RT @LettersOfNote: Amazing letter from an ex-slave to his former owner in 1865, after being asked to return to work:

7:24pm Jan 31 2012 —

Sending love to all of the Xenites. You are such a special group of people who have so blessed my life. Wonderful to spend the weekend w/ u!

7:21pm Jan 31 2012 —

2nd part of epic weekend included Cast interviews for #TheAmericanFailure and an amazing photo shoot at the beach. More to come…

3:33pm Jan 31 2012 —

saw this little dude at the bank today. So much style – and probably about 6. #fly

3:30pm Jan 31 2012 —

Thx to @SpankArista for my very own Beyonce chicken. #hilarious

3:15pm Jan 31 2012 —