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I am sick of being sick. Boooo on winter colds. #enoughalready

1:35pm Nov 30 2011 —

@X2011MC Love that the Xena fans are still trying to make this happen. Very Cool! Thx // Join the Xena Movie Campaign!!…

in reply to X2011MC — 1:33pm Nov 30 2011 —

@Lillielgee Thank you!! /@Yo_AdrienneW Watching you in Xena on Netflix… You were such a sexy badass!

in reply to Lillielgee — 1:31pm Nov 30 2011 —

Amused by the fact that I am real life friends with 3 people named Xena. Spelled differently, but still… #Xenairony

8:55am Nov 29 2011 —

@psmorrison It’s amazingly bad…does that count? 🙂

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